Joshua Kuntzelman
Career Target Software Engineer / Software Developer / IT Programmer
Summary of Qualifications
  • Education: Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science; can design and implement solutions from a problem statement, program in a variety of operating systems and programming languages, and work in a team or alone.
  • Programming: Have been programming since the second grade; have programmed in numerous programming languages and environments; have been able to learn any new programming language encountered.
  • Communication Skills: Wrote a procedures manual so that non-technical people could perform complex, technical tasks; homework in technical writing class used as an in-class example; scored very well in writing and speaking classes.
  • Leadership/Initiative: Served for two years on HCC Student Senate; served for one year as Student Senate Treasurer; served for two years on SHOUT, a student-led volunteer technical support team.
Education Trinity Western University, Langley, BC
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2003
  • GPA 3.5/4.0 - Graduated with Distinction.
  • Completed coursework in Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Modeling, Java, Modula-2, Operating Systems, Networking, Technical Communication.
  • Team Member of SHOUT, a student-led volunteer technical support group.
  • Team projects: Ayuda (Software Engineering), TripleTriad (Artificial Intelligence).
Highland Community College, Freeport, IL
Associate of Science in Computer Science, 2001
  • GPA 3.5/4.0 - Graduated with High Honors
  • Completed coursework including C++, C, HTML, Visual Basic, COBOL, Microcomputer Hardware, Flash Programming
  • Had taken every computer science class offered upon graduation
Computer Skills Programming Languages

Favored Languages: C/C++, HTML (CSS), Perl, PHP/MySQL, shell scripting

Other used languages: Ada, APL, BASIC, COBOL, Delphi/Kylix, expect, Fortran, GPSS/H, Java, Pascal, Prolog, tcl/tk, Visual Basic

Operating Systems
  • Windows 3.11 - XP, including NT4.0 - XP Pro
  • Linux since 1999 (Redhat, Debian, and Gentoo)
  • DOS 6.22+

Familiar with common types of office applications/suites under both Linux and Windows.

Work Experience Global Link Teleservices, Freeport, IL
Computer Guy, 2001-2002
  • Designed and implemented solutions to business tasks
  • Wrote a procedures manual for eventual replacement
  • Performed the duties of an entire IT staff
  • Performed Help Desk duties
CJ Reckinger, Inc., Freeport, IL
Access Programmer, 2000
  • Updated and revised existing databases
  • Reworked/added user interfaces
  • Rewrote queries/macros
Highland Community College, Freeport, IL
Computer Lab Assistant, 1998-2001
  • Worked with lab users to diagnose and fix problems
  • Performed maintenance on computers
Highland Community College, Freeport, IL
Learning Assistance Center Tutor, 1998-2001
  • Work with students in order to aid in comprehending coursework